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In Brief

Dead Peasant is a non-profit that publishes an anthology of literary and visual arts that celebrates all creatives. Inclusive of those who could and who couldn't go to art school, whose work has been deemed too explicit or too graphic, and above all else work that represents the forgotten dead peasants of our society.

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Events, Open Mics, Gatherings, & More!

Following the release of our second issue, in summer 2021, Dead Peasant was privileged to plan and attend indoor and outdoor events around Kansas City. The Dead Peasant team is passionate about events being an avenue where we can showcase live arts as well as the artists inside our journals.

The Dead Peasant journal is a publication of arts and literature currently accepting submissions for our 4th print issue, Electric Scabs, and submissions for our website features.

Our journal is listed on The Short List by DL Shirey, Duotrope, and Chill Subs.

Our fourth issue, Electric Scabs, has launched!

Electric Scabs is the fourth issue of Dead Peasant, a multidisciplinary art and literary journal that explores the darker and more subversive aspects of human experience. This issue delves into the themes of automation, artificial intelligence, and the replacement of human workers by machines, in a world where labor has become more complex and precarious than ever. Through a collection of thought-provoking visual art, fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and photography, Electric Scabs challenges us to confront the uneasy relationship between technology and human labor, and to question what it means to be productive in a post-industrial society

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Hungarian Harvest

by Anna Bagoly

Lady Lucy

by Louise Hamilton