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hungarian harvest

by Anna Bagoly

different fruits ripen at different times in the summer
the memories I have of being small
are marked by harvests

cherries and meggy ripen earliest
peaches come in waves
the apricots
sárgabarack, yellowpeach
mid-june through july
the peaches' thick flesh need so much sunshine to be filled
every stripe and kind

raspberries ripen for a wide window
strawberries in late spring, intermittently into june
the goose and currant berries giving us a tart reprieve
from the sticky soup
erupting from the peaches' skin

if we stayed till late july
the blackberries would greet us
hanging heavily from thorned vines

and just once
I remember staying till august
finally tasting the plums
which remained small, and hard
all summer long
barely larger than their pit
until finally, so purple they are black
a fleshy nectar

it is the plums that hold a special place
with the liquor, the jam, the pastries
szilvás is the hagyomány
though apricots are a close second

Anna Bagoly


Anna Bagoly is a Hungarian-American finishing their Master's in Poetry at USM. They are fascinated with recreating memories that immerse in sensation and imagery, blending poetry and creative nonfiction. They've been published in dead peasant, won the Memorial Fellowship at Heavy Feather Review, and recorded a piece with the Mississippi Coalition Against Sexual Assault.



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