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Don't Look!

Issue 3 is titled Don't Look, and is an unthemed issue. This issue will include works of art and literature and will be print in color.

The deadline is April 16th, 2022 and has passed. Submissions for our next journal have closed.

Submitting to Dead Peasant

We are accepting submissions for Issue 3: Don't Look from February 14th to April 16th, 2022.

Publishing Rights: dead peasant retains First North American Serial Rights, First Electronic Rights, Electronic Archival Rights, and the right to reprint the entire issue in which your work appears, either in printed or electronic format. Copyright reverts to said authors upon publication. This means that if we wish to republish a work in a format that separates the piece from the original issue, we must first seek your approval and consent. We ask acknowledgement for works subsequently published elsewhere after initially appearing in dead peasant.

All artists, writers, interviewers, and anyone else who wishes to submit to dead peasant must be over the age of 14.

What to send
  • Poetry: Up to three poems. We accept both traditional and experimental poetry. We do not adhere to any specific guidelines for style or content, we simply ask you submit your best work. Along with the written version of the poem, contributors are welcome to submit audio or video readings of their poetry for consideration on our website as well.
  • Short fiction: One story, up to 4000 words. We are seeking a diverse body of work that represents the interdisciplinary theme of our journal. Stories should have strong narration, character development, plot, and must remain literary in essence.
  • Creative nonfiction: One essay, limited to 2500 words. We are open to a broad range of material.
  • Visual arts: 2D works & photos of 3D works in any combination of media, up to 3 images total. We accept photography, paintings, collage, graphic art, digital art, comics, printmaking, drawing, mixed media, and tattoo drawings all in .jpg or .jpeg format. We also accept 2D representations of 3D works such as but not limited to sculptures, jewelry, etc again all in .jpg or .jpeg format. (Please include description of the medium.)
  • Interviews: We accept interviews. Please limit transcribed interviews to 4,000 words or less. Stylistically, we want interviews that discuss interdisciplinary studies, literature, current events, and the arts at large. The edgier the better. Along with the interview transcription, contributors are welcome to submit audio or video recordings of the interview for consideration on social media.
**Please limit submissions to three per genre category and seven per artist/author.

Any submission to dead peasant that does not meet submission guidelines will not be considered.

How To Submit

Submissions have closed for our third issue in print. We have an ongoing open call for submissions for works to be published digitally and featured on our website.

Submission Withdrawal

The editors of dead peasant would prefer that artists and writers not withdraw content that has already been accepted for publication. However, if a contributor wishes to withdraw already accepted content, a written request must be made. The request to withdraw an accepted piece must be made at least 30 business days prior to the publication date by contacting us at: