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About Dead Peasant

The dead peasant journal was founded by artists for artists to give a voice to underserved and underprivileged creatives. Our journal does not charge artists fees for their submissions, and we ask only for the rights to publish your work. Your work is your work, and we will not claim ownership of it.

Curated and edited by the partners of Troubador Branding Co., dead peasant is a collaboration of creatives who met at Northwest Missouri State University. A few of us were privileged to work with two Northwest affiliated and adjacent literary magazines, and wanted a similar space now that we have left the confines of Northwest Missouri. We want to create a space where artists of all shapes and sizes can thrive, and we would love for you to join us. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook, and maybe submit some of your art while you're here.

Since 2020 when dead peasant launched our first issue, we have grown our operations and are currently registered in Missouri as a non-profit with a focus on benefiting our local creative scene.

Events, Open Mics, & More!

With the pandemic started to ease up and vaccines widely available to all in need, we have started partnering with local businesses to host different events for creatives to meet up, perform, workshop, and engage with their community.

If your business has interest in partnering with Dead Peasant click here.

Our Team

Jake Edmisten

Creative Director

Dominick Roveto

Design Lead

Dalton Francis

Administrative Coordinator

Anthony Procopio

Chief Content Editor

Hayley Brown

Communications Director

Josh Dillman

Podcast Chair

Matt Brown

Content Editor

George Coggins

Operations Manager

Matt Wholey

Sound Engineer